Aerial Photo & Video

Capturing gorgeous shots from the air is what our business was built on.

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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a land of contrast: Raw, rugged, and wild one minute. Serene, beautiful, and captivating the next. People travel here from all over the world to experience our clear water, dense forests, and natural beauty. Quincy Aerial captures these natural wonders as part of our aerial images of each property. 

A drone photo of a stunning home next to the vibrant blue waters of Lake Superior is priceless. By showcasing your properties from the air, your real estate listings will catch the attention of buyers and make a powerful first impression.

We provide residential and commercial real estate photo services across the Western Upper Peninsula. Simply provide us with and address and any feature requests. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Our work

We photograph beautiful Upper Peninsula properties from the sky for a perspective that sells. Our process involves taking advantage of the natural light in each scene to create bright and balanced real estate photos. After each shoot, we get to work in our editing studio. Every photo goes through an extensive editing process to correct for brightness, color, horizontal and vertical lines, and more.

Additional editing requests such as property outlines are not included in our editing process and will incur a small fee.

How it works

Our process was designed to be worry-free for our clients. Simply provide us with a few property details and we’ll take care of the rest. Devin Leonarduzzi is a FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot. This certification gives us the ability to operate drones for commercial applications.


We’ll provide you with a simple pricing structure based on your requirements and property locations. Our price always includes travel, photoshoot, and editing time. Please contact us to discuss your project and get pricing. 

Order Requests

To request aerial photos or videos, simply send us an email with the property address, listing number, or location along with any special directions. For large parcels of land or other properties with acreage that needs to be captured, a property survey or other map of the property lines should be provided to us prior to the shoot. In your order, you can request any special features of the property or nearby points of interest that should be captured. 

A lead time of one week is preferred. However, during the spring, summer, and early fall months, we can usually fit additional projects in to our schedule on short notice. It depends on the week’s schedule and forecast. 


Once the details are confirmed, we’ll add your project to the schedule. For aerial photos and video, we must wait for safe flying conditions. We do not fly in high winds or during any precipitation. 

Before the Shoot

It is recommended that the agent and/or property owner prepares the property by clearing all visible debris, vehicles, and other clutter. The less clutter, the better the photos will be! The yard should be presentable and all doors need to be closed. 

Photo Delivery

Once the photos have been captured and edited, we’ll upload them to your project folder and share the download link. The files will be delivered in a high-resolution jpg format for easy upload to your listing. From your project folder, you can access the photos at any time.